02 – 21 Variations

All of these 21 variations followed a single theme: Seek Happiness. Some of the text is popular phrases, others are found text, and others are invented, but all relate in some way to seeking happiness/living happily.

For the first 8 variations, we used physical cutouts from magazines. However, I did not like the idea of blank white space in the background, so instead, I found construction paper and split each variation’s background in half.

The rest of the variations were created using PhotoShop and found images on the internet. For the first several I continued with a diagonal split of color for the background. However, for a few of them, I did try to match the background colors to the text theme.

Looking closely at the last few variations, you may notice that the background began to shift away from the centerline. From here, I moved forward being creative with the background in addition to the text and images, to the point that the background is perhaps the most substantial part of the last few.