03 – Final Project

As I began thinking about what my final project should be, I continually returned to my final project from Introduction to Digital Art. I had really enjoyed working on it, and had hinted at the end that there was to be a continuation. I thought that there would be no better time to make a “sequel” than for the “sequel” to that class.

However, I didn’t have another story that I had written when I was younger that could be animated. That meant that I spent the first several weeks of this project not doing any animation, but instead drawing on my notes from the Screenwriting class I took freshman year. This time I was able to write a script with the project itself in mind, which allowed me to have a few scenes, like the 3rd main story section, which lent itself to more advanced animating techniques.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was unable to record new music with my a cappella group like I had planned and instead was forced to use the same music from before. However, I did slightly change the order around to properly fit the feel of each scene, and I believe that worked better than I initially expected it would.

The main theme behind this story was that the main character would accidentally advance his power within established structures while trying to sabotage them. I had somewhat begun this ironic humor in the story I wrote when I was 12, but wanted to embrace it in a more intentional way this time around. I also tried to nail that home with an added part in the recap from events that did not occur in the first video.

Once again, I created this project in eight different After Effects projects, which I then combined in Premiere Pro using Adobe Dynamic Link. This time I put in the extra work of adding captions to the video, which ought to help facilitate comprehension of all the weird , “sci-fi” names that were there. I hope you enjoy!